Kabir Uddin

Senior Associate



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Wakefield, MA


Business Tax
Private Equity

Kabir joined Tonneson in 2021 with more than two years of experience in public accounting. He specializes in private equity, working with C-corporations, S-corporations, and partnerships within the financial services industry. Kabir has experience working with clients from the venture capital and asset wealth management sectors.

Kabir earned a B.S. in business administration, specializing in the accounting and financial management/CPA Track from Bucknell University. Kabir has grown to love the ever-changing and adapting nature of tax, which gives him the opportunity to use critical thinking skills in solving complex problems.

Outside of work, Kabir’s friends would describe him as an introvert with extroverted tendencies. He has a contagious laugh and is a “tall, gentle giant” with a wicked sock collection (100+ pairs and counting!) He loves to play basketball, baseball, volleyball and spends much of his free time with his wife and family. An interesting fact about Kabir is that he has been growing his beard since he was 15 years old (and thus, he has not seen his chin since.)