Our firm is headquartered in Wakefield, Massachusetts.  We have become known for giving trustworthy counsel that genuinely has our clients’ best interests in mind. Tonneson + co offers expertise in assurance, corporate tax, mergers and acquisitions, global accounting services, individual and fiduciary tax, and more.

Tonneson + Co has a strong company culture that emphasizes:


Employee Driven

When we say that we are an employee driven firm, we mean it. We frequently ask for feedback from our employees, ensuring that every employee’s voice matters and is heard. The input that we get from employees through venues such as surveys, town hall meetings, and small group discussions helps to shape the future direction of our firm.

Let’s Talk!

Are you interested in exploring how we can work together? At Tonneson + Co, you get the best of the best. Our firm offers trustworthy counsel and quality expertise, while providing the accessibility and long-lasting relationship you and your business deserve. Contact us today.